DEBANG candle lighter

DEBANG Smoking is committed to high quality lighter research and development, focusing on the research of lighters for 22 years. We constantly research and improve lighters, just to let customers have a satisfactory shopping experience.

  • The arc lighter can ensure that the lighter can also be used in strong winds, and can be used safely whenever and wherever
  • Power display light can display the power situation at any time, convenient for us to charge in time
  • There is a safety lock, sliding down the safety lock to press the switch, to prevent heart pressure to the switch, safety is more guaranteed
  • Hook design, convenient storage, let the kitchen space more tidy
  • USB charging port, can use computer, power bank, socket, can easily charge, use at any time

If you are interested in this lighter, please contact me. Welcome to visit our store to choose the perfect lighter:

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