Debang Lighters Manufacturer Brand Story

Founder–Mark Liu, A Lighter Expert With 25 Years’ Experiences.


When Mark Liu was a child, Mark’s father was obsessed with various lighters, and he has his own collection room. Out of curiosity, Mark used to sneak into father’s collection room for playing and studying different lighters. Naturally, his passion for lighters grew with each passing day. His dream is to design and research more lighters for his father.

In 1992, with great enthusiasm for lighters, Mark Liu came to Wenzhou, and worked in a lighter manufacture. From a assembly worker to a professional QC, he learned core technology from precise structure and great safety performance of their manufactured lighters. Simultaneously, he became enamored of designing, and he always conceive a variety of design ideas , no matter where he is.


Mr. Liu deeply believes that:”Debang lighters should be able to bring our high-end brand customers’ sense of quality to their terminal customers.”


With 8 years’ work and design experiences in lighter industry, Mark becomes an totally expert in this industry. In order to fulfill his higher dream, he founded his own factory–DB in 2000. Mark’s philosophy was, and remains, one of always challenging oneself, whether as an individual or company. Meanwhile, Mark’s DB has been committed in integrity of management, and all whole DB members did it. Through 6 years’ sustained efforts, Mark has been not only expanded his factory rapidly, but also build DB trade company, in order to provide superior customer service and technical support.

Innovation drives Mark and his DB going on and on, and let him never stop the step. Innovation also lead DB to one after another success. In 2015, Mark and his team researched and developed Electronic USB Lighter, which was a qualitative leap for DB to successfully implement tremendous safety change from Metal Gas Lighter to Electronic USB Lighter.

As a successful entrepreneur, Mark also a filial son. Every lighter he designs become his father’s collector, and his father’s collection room has more and more lighters. Of course, Mark will lead his team to research and develop more and more lighters in line with the development of the habit of users and the times. So finally, Mark’ DB just in a start of development, his brand story will continue……

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