Phone holder lighter

The background generated by the phone holder lighter

As a portable daily object, lighters bring great convenience to people’s daily life. When you need to go out, you can go out by putting the lighter in your pocket, and you don’t need to bring extra bags or other auxiliary storage objects. As another essential daily necessities in life, smartphones have been popularized to almost everyone. In addition to being a communication tool, smartphones are also a convenient and practical entertainment tool, such as watching dramas. When using a mobile phone to follow dramas, a mobile phone holder It can liberate the hands of the viewers and make the viewing experience better, but the mobile phone holder is often bulky, takes up space, is difficult to carry around, and is easy to lose. Combining the mobile phone holder with the lighter is a good idea to solve this problem, so the mobile phone holder lighter is produced.

About the phone holder lighter:

1. 360 Rotation Phone Ring Holder, The lighter’s ignition mouth is made of ceramics and it is high temperature-resistance.

2. The cigarette lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery, no any oil or gas required, so you don’t have to fill any fuel in it.

3. Use high temperatures to ignite cigarettes.It does not produce flames, electrical work, and respect for the environment.

4.Ignite cigarettes in any climate: The lighter could be work under any weather condition, especially the wind day.

5.The arc lighter will cut off the power automatically when the battery is charging fully and one-time charging only about takes 2hrs.

Let me introduce to you some of our company’s best-selling mobile phone holder lighters:

Type: USB mobile phone holder lighter

Rechargeable: Yes

Weight: 41g

Size: 62*36*8mm

Type: USB mobile phone holder lighter

Rechargeable: Yes

Weight: 38g

Size: 49*48*6mm

Type: USB mobile phone holder lighter

Rechargeable: Yes

Weight: 45g

Size: 64.5*35*6mm


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