USB coil lighter VS regular lighter


USB coil lighter is fameless, windproof, and rechargeable, which makes it lot more economical and eco-friendlier. A battery indicator can indicates how much percentage of power is left and it can be charged easily. Elegantly crafted clean design makes it an ideal gift option for any occasion. Note: keep lighter away from water if wet do not use it. Do not use the lighter, when it is on charge. Keep it away from kids.

A regular lighter is a portable device that creates a flame and can be used to light a variety of items such as cigarettes, gas stoves, fireworks, candles, or campfires. It consists of a metal or plastic container filled with a flammable liquid or compressed gas, a means of ignition to generate a flame, and some supply for extinguishing the flame.

There’s so many pros about USB coil lighter

Wind Proof & Eco-Friendly: Windproof design protects the coil from being blown out from strong wind and water. Double-sided thickened tungsten wire of USB coil lighter is easy to use in windy weather. USB coil lighters are butane free and flameless.

·Economical & Safe: No more wasting money to refuel, USB coil lighter is reusable which can be charged using a USB port. It generates no flame or uses any gas, a perfect hassle free lighter. The special protection feature prevents short circuits, and overheating. 

·Free Elegant Gift Box: It comes with an elegant gift box makes it an ideal gift option for various occasions.

·All-in-one Multi- Purpose: USB coil lighters can be used to light candles, firecrackers, cigarettes, BBQ, and various indoor and outdoor activities.

Also there’s so many pros about regular lighter

They are the cheapest on the market.

There are reusable and single-use varieties.

No need to buy flint, fuel or recharge.

Anyways,we got both of them.Welcome to visit our store to choose the perfect lighter:

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