USB Phone Stand Lighter

  • Material: The USB cigarette lighter is made of Zinc Alloy, durable, stable and economical.
  • Usage: This product is both a USB lighter and a phone holder. This lighter is polished by the fine process of metal baking paint and does not grind your hands for a long time. The phone holder is recyclable so you can continue to use it even when you change the phone. The cell phone stand carries up to 5 kg, which is sufficient for many complicated situations.
  • Design: Quick installation on the suction cup base, the lighter can prevent mobile phone shook, multi-functional design, safe, and easy to carry; need to worry about scratches.
  • Flexible and adjustable device: 360 degree rotation, so that you can see the perfect angle, easy to operate. Enjoy safe road travel without spending more time on the road.
  • Simple installation: The mobile phone ring can be easily installed on the phone, and can be easily removed by pulling the suction cup.
  • Lighter: The small phone holder doesn’t produce the fire. The electric cigarette lighter is safer, and can be used in any weather.
  • Package:We have beautiful lighter gift boxes that are perfect gifts for friends, birthdays, family and business people. The USB interface of this product is only suitable for charging and can be connected to computers, chargers for mobile phones and other power sources.

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