DEBANG Double arc lighter

Unique and elegant: original, classic, portable, rechargeable lighter offers a stylish design Powerful and reliable: windproof dual arc – plasma beam – generated by electricity, this unique heat source provides fast and easy illumination, even in windy conditions; Automatic shutdown in 7 seconds to ensure safe use and prevent high temperature damage Better battery: built-in […]

USB coil lighter VS regular lighter

Definition USB coil lighter is fameless, windproof, and rechargeable, which makes it lot more economical and eco-friendlier. A battery indicator can indicates how much percentage of power is left and it can be charged easily. Elegantly crafted clean design makes it an ideal gift option for any occasion. Note: keep lighter away from water if wet do not […]

DeBang Smoking Lighter Company Profile

The Debang Smoking Set was established in the world’s largest lighter production base—Wenzhou, China. Our focus on quality control distinguishes us from other domestic lighter manufacturers who focus on mass production and copying market-leaders rather than quality and customer satisfaction. Our company philosophy flows directly from the vision of founder Mr. Mark Liu’s unrelenting engagement […]

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