DeBang Smoking Lighter Company Profile

The Debang Smoking Set was established in the world’s largest lighter production base—Wenzhou, China. Our focus on quality control distinguishes us from other domestic lighter manufacturers who focus on mass production and copying market-leaders rather than quality and customer satisfaction. Our company philosophy flows directly from the vision of founder Mr. Mark Liu’s unrelenting engagement in quality control ensures that we continue to improve our manufacturing process and create new product technologies.

Mr. Liu deeply believes that:”Debang lighters should be able to bring our high-end brand customers’ sense of quality to their terminal customers.”


In his decades of work experience, Mr. Liu not only has pursued increasing economies of the scale, but also implementing one-stop business concierge services, to help our customers grow together with us.

As a result, Wenzhou Debang Smoking Set Co., Ltd. has been able to stand out from our competitors in the local market. Consistent quality, 24-hour online accessibility and constant technological innovation have helped Debang lighters find favor with hundreds of customers from the tobacco, wine and advertising industries. Our customers can be found throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Debang lighters are not only common consumer goods, but also are sentimental products that can help our customers improve their brand image and customer experience.

Mr. Liu deeply believes that: “Debang lighters should be able to bring our high-end brand customers’ sense of quality to their terminal customers.” Therefore, in terms of quality, Debang lighters are produced following a strict quality control process. Before starting the business, Mr. Liu engaged in lighter quality control at a foreign trade company. When Debang was founded, Mr. Liu laid down thorough inspections covering the entire production process: pressure casting-polishing-painting/coating-assembly-finish. He also introduced advanced test equipment, such as the 3 specialized test lines process, to ensure our lighters are 100% inspected when they reach our customers.

“Innovations that surpass the market can give our company lasting vitality.” Mr. Liu thinks that because we make gifts accompanying sentimental products, we must also work with to touch the sentiments of our customers. As a child, he witnessed his father collecting various lighters. He deeply believes lighters are not just a necessity in life, but also is a manifestation of the owner’s taste in life. We must have constant innovation, so that our customers can provide their terminal customers with stunning products. For example, in 2014, Debang Smoking Set designed and developed an incense lighter, which then set the Middle East market on fire.

In 2017, we launched a new USB-charged vehicle-mounted lighter with a replaceable heating wire for convenience and environmental protection. Such milestone innovations need us to tackle various difficulties. However, our stable and practical team has solved them systematically step-by-step. Many constant small innovations, such as innovations in appearance and patterning have occurred every day to bring us to our current standards of craftsmanship.

All these achievements come from having a stable team and capable leader. Today, we have more than 100 employees, with a clear division of labor and roles. From our factory manager to our quality inspector, to our warehouse keeper and our mold designer, all our staff are veteran employees who have more than 10 years of professional experience. Our Foreign Trade Director,Miss. Joyce has engaged in the smoking set industry for over 18 years. She understands our products very well. Under her leadership, our company has formed a stable training system, and therefore, our sales staff are professional, efficient and logical when they serve our customers. Mark Liu is our company’s helmsman. His aspiration to “make constant innovation and become the smoking set industry’s leader” provides our company’s engine for development.

As a result, our team has great motivation to lead our industry into the future. In line with our high service expectations, we offer our customers 24-hour online service. The minimum order for most of our products is as low as 100 pieces, because we want more customers to know and experience our professional all-round service. We believe that if you give us a chance, we will become your most reliable long-term smoking set gift supplier.

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