DEBANG Double arc lighter

  • Unique and elegant: original, classic, portable, rechargeable lighter offers a stylish design
  • Powerful and reliable: windproof dual arc – plasma beam – generated by electricity, this unique heat source provides fast and easy illumination, even in windy conditions; Automatic shutdown in 7 seconds to ensure safe use and prevent high temperature damage
  • Better battery: built-in 220 mah rechargeable battery, 4 LED battery indicator; The charging time is 1.5 hours and the number of charging times is more than 500. 5V 1A micro USB interface, can be charged from the computer, power bank, USB charger
  • Upward electrode design: ignition head 4 upward probe design is perfect to provide more convenient use of cigarettes and candlesl l
  • If you are interested in this lighter, please contact me. Welcome to visit our store to choose the perfect lighter:

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